What’s the future of Small & Medium Sized businesses?

There are certain things which we can control & many things which we can’t control. COVID19 is one of the events wherein we had no control. It came out of nowhere & impacted every human being on the planet – one way or another. Currently we are in a storm like situation & when this ends, we would get to know the damage the storm has done & it will take a lot of time to rebuild & reach a normal situation.

However, humanity has seen many storms like this & we have always come back stronger than ever, learnt the lessons & have built the strength to deal with such situations.

What matters the most is that the only thing under our control is how do we react to the event or situation. Our reaction would eventually drive the result or outcome of the event. This has been beautifully explained by this equation – E(Event)+ R ( Response) = O (Outcome)

We can choose to respond to this event by getting prepared, making changes in our business model, identifying the strongest/weakest areas of our business, Key clients & employees, new products/markets & so on. Each one of the elements will help us to prepare better & be in an excellent emotional state to take the right decision.

There is no denying the fact that the future is going to be challenging & difficult. However, the way we choose to respond, will make the difference.

Remember – No one can hurt you without your consent. It is not what happens to us that hurts us. It is our response that hurts us.

At #BizzVitals, we have developed a tool called Business Wellness Index which can be used to measure the overall health of the business & the business functions. We help to identify the strongest & weakest areas & provide an option of matching with relevant experts to get the desired support.

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