Do you resist or embrace change?

Today, we are operating in a very uncertain & unprecedented environment. Almost, every living being & business has been impacted & will have to bear the collective burden of this pandemic. Only those businesses which will adapt to the current situation & make necessary changes & adaptations to the business model will only be able to survive & pass through this phase.

No matter what phase of Business you are in: Infancy, Adolescence or Matured phase, change is inevitable and unless businesses embrace that change, they won’t be able to grow.

We have seen so many examples wherein businesses which failed to change have either vanished or lost all the glory & respect. Nokia and Kodak are two of the biggest examples for the same.

Business is considered as a separate legal entity – separate from the owners. It is self evident that businesses, like people are supposed to grow; and with growth, comes #change. Unfortunately, most businesses are not run according to this principle. Instead most businesses are operated according to what the #owners #directors want as opposed to what the business needs.

Like every human, every business is also different & faces different issues/challenges. Even if one function is not working well, it can impact the performance of the overall business. So businesses will need to assess the performance & effectiveness of each of the functions to decide upon the changes/upgrades or support required for a specific function. Resources would be limited & every business will have to make the best utilisation of existing resources.

At #BizzVitals, we have developed a tool called Business Wellness Index which can be used to measure the overall health of the business & the business functions. We help to identify the strongest & weakest areas & provide an option of matching with relevant experts to get the desired support.

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