Mamta Verma

Gandharva Wellness Studio



The journey started with a post-graduation in nutrition and management. After honing her craft in the wellness industry for over 25 years, she began to understand that ultimate health cannot be attained just by putting emphasis on the physical body. This realization that maintaining one's
emotional and mental health is integral to perfect well-being was the turning point. It persuaded her to take a journey to connect with her own self, both inside and outside the world. She ended up visiting Bagan, Stonehenge, monasteries in Ladakh, and pilgrimage sites like Amarnath, Orkney, and Shetland in Scotland as a result of it. She also learned how beauty and wellness can only be fostered, by integrating all levels, the Physical, Emotional, and Mental states of a being. This realization further persuaded her to offer services and therapeutic treatments to improve the wellness of the coterie and 'Gandharva' came into being. Gandharva is a fruition of Mamta's envisioning a world filled with true joy and beauty.

Nature of Business

Wellness Industry



Offering complete end-to-end beauty, grooming, skincare, hair care, laser hair reduction, shaping up, Ayurveda, and Alternate Healing Therapies