Weekly Networking Meet

  • Get to know the business model of all the Members
  • Interact with Visitor’s joining from all parts of India & Abroad
  • Expand your Network
  • Learn from Experts from diverse backgrounds
  • Check out on the Performance Dashboards
  • Join online or offline

Mid Week Mixer

  • Speed Networking with Members & Guests
  • 7 minutes session each
  • Meet at the comfort of your home or office
  • Meet members from other communities & create more opportunities
  • Pass on the referrals or seek referrals

Private Networking Meetings - Zoom

  • Conduct 1:1 Meetings with Network Member’s
  • Meetings are organised and facilitated by Community Manager
  • Build bonding & create business opportunities
  • Meetings are from 30 minutes to 60 minutes
  • Referrals are recorded & followed by community manager for closure

Physical Meeting

  • Socialise & build long lasting relationships in a relaxed environment
  • Collaborate & create new business opportunities
  • Meetings are held offline in a Club or 5-Star facility
Join us if you would like to monetise your Network
& grow yourself!