Lt. Sandhya Suri

Motivational Speaker

Change Enabler | Inspirational Thought & Motivational Speaker


Lt. Sandhya Suri was born in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir. Completed her schooling from St. Joseph’s Convent, Kalimpong, in West Bengal. She began working and writing at the age of thirteen, studying nine months and teaching three. Her college education in Literature, Economics, and Political Science was completed with a tenth ranking in Humanities in the University.

She is a first generation Service Officer in her family.

An author , a published international poet, 40 over 40 Award 2020 by ShePeopleTv, and Winner Digital Global Public Speaking Championship by MS Talks.

A three time TEDx Speaker, she is a Change Enabler, inspiring and breaking barriers for men and women alike as an inspirational icon. Her popular Terrific Tuesday Taboo Talks is a weekly show where she fearlessly takes up taboo topics. She is an abuse survivor and is a voice for women and millennial youth especially.


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  • Leadership, communication.
  • Business transformation Management.
  • Mutually productive collaboration