Rudr Rishi

CEO & Founder of Toggle Incremental Algorithm


Rudr Rishi is an Inventor & Entrepreneur MBA from Canterbury University UK. Worked with the media industry, CEO & Founder of DTH platform for New Zealand & Australia. With extensive experience in Blockchain technology, Finance Sales, Marketing & Leadership.

A-Tech Founder & CEO of TIA (Toggle Incremental Analysis), A Tech company building futuristic projects with support of Blockchain technology.

Creating First ever social media for family, all-rounder cyber security application for mobile phones, first metaverse with family where you can study work & earn without any violent games, and a full stake cryptocurrency exchange with almost no transaction fee but a subscription model. All of these projects will be backed by our own cryptocurrency TIACOIN.


"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."


  • Worldwide opportunities in Technology Business How Blockchain works in different business sectors.
  • How Blockchain can stop financial fraud and secure you.