Sourabh Goyal


Founder at SuccessBrew | LinkedIn Influencer |


Sourabh is a Co-Author and Associate Partner with THE GROWTH HACKING BOOK 2 (an international bestseller and also received GOLDEN books of World record for having maximum nationalities in one marketing book).

He is a mechanical engineer by education, born and brought up in a business class environment. After 2 years of serving as a design engineer, Sourabh started exploring SUCCESS and GROWTH factors that take 3% of people at the top. He Invested 5 years in learning sales, marketing, and branding as a commission-based sales professional. His intent to share his experiential knowledge with people helped him become an influencer on Linkedin with 1,42,000 followers in 2 years.


"Set your goals high, and don't stop till you get there"


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  • Performance Marketing Email Marketing