Dr. Neena Gulabani

Founder at Anubhav Learning centre and life coach (Empowering your lives)



Dr. Neena Gulabani has more than 3 decades of professional journey in diverse fields. She has added multiple dimensions to her experience and enriched the knowledge, skills and enhanced wisdom quotient. through uncounted interactions and dialogues with people across age, gender and professions. Her life mission is creating peaceful and Happy humanity. She is a founder at (Anubhav Learning Centre) and as a life coach and inspirational speaker (Empowering your lives).


  • She offered coaching to people across ages to lead empowered lives & Worked on socio-economic development.
  • Associated with national and international organisations on socio economic and environment projects.
  • An Early childhood Education and care centre in south Delhi which was set up in 2003, An exclusive centre which has opened its doors to kids of not so fortunate socio economic families and children who are differently abled.


"True leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders.”


  • Success vs Fulfilment
  • Ethical Business Practices
  • Building Communities