Retd. Col. Shashank Kaushal

Managing Director at KVR Solutions


Retd. Colonel Shashank Kaushal has a total of 23+ years of experience in the Olive Greens. He has donned various hats and has been - in the Command of elite mechanized force battalion, Computers Application degree, Mechanical Engineer, Masters in strategy, MPhil Environment, Happiness coach and Certificate course in International trade. He has been an Instructor at Indian Military Academy, Military Advisor and is an Author.

  • Military Advisor to Army Commander (advising & coordinating all issues pertaining to strategy, training, protocol, prioritizing schedules and time lines for implementation.
  • Experienced in creative writing and author of "Who's Dead”. Short stories from all over India based on personal experiences.
  • Responsible for leads, Liaison, training of team for Business development and support in presenting their products to various organisations in public sector.


"Be the type of leader that lifts and empowers others."


  • Camaraderie - Forces way to build
  • Life Balance - Overcoming Challenges
  • Experience - Travel, Observe and Learn
  • New opportunities- Defence schemes