Happy Life Master Coach


SANDIP DASH is a a Life Coach, Corporate Trainer & Mind Energy Consultant & Expert in the Science of Happiness. He has 27 years of Corporate Experience as the Head of Academics of the Management Training Institute (MTI) of SAIL, and collaboration with the Centre of the Science of Happiness of IIT Kharagpur, for designing and delivering interventions (training and coaching) based on the Science of Happiness for productivity, emotional management, team building and leadership. He has conducted numerous online and faceto-face workshops, coaching sessions and consulting based on the Science of Happiness covering more than 5000 people.

• He is also a keynote speaker and delivers keynote addresses in important events across the country including in top institutions like IITs and IIMS.

• He is the author of the best-selling book: eState of the Devas.


"The Happiness of your life depends on the Quality of your thoughts."


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Business Strategy

Personal Develpment