Kartik Swaminathan

3f Future Fintech Framework & Trainer of 3f Workshops

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Kartik Swaminathan is the author & creator of 3F: Future Fintech Framework. He brings with him over two decades of experience in successfully Ideating, Creating & Delivering, Innovative Products, Solutions & Processes in Financial Services & Technology (Fintech) space. He has worked on range of solutions across Investment & Wealth Management, Global Payments, Lending, Trading, Financial Planning, Asset Management, Neo Banking, Financial Inclusion, compliance, fraud management & eGovernance.

Kartik is an avid Fintech enthusiast and Founder at Fintastech, where he consults on Product and Go To Market in Fintech.

He has leveraged his experience and understanding of Fintech Space to write this book 3F: Future Fintech Framework.


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