Anant Kasibhatla

Focus $ Memory Coach


Anant is a 2nd Generation Focus & Mind skills Prodigy. From an early age, his core studies and work centred extensively and exclusively on Mind skills such as Focus, Memory, Learning, Speed Reading, Creativity Enhancement and Mind Mapping. He has trained over 3 lakh participants from 50 Countries so far.

He has 26 years of personal experience in the field, he also holds an Indian record for memory - Limca Book record - Uncontested (not broken) for the last 2 decades.

His prestigious clientele includes Royal Family of Malaysia & Royal Malaysian Army and the Indian National Champion for Memory who is also the world's youngest national champion title winner.


Our focus is our future, and what we focus on will multiply in our life.


  • Focus, Memory & Mind skills
  • Smart Techniques
  • How to be an Expert Coach to Tone Focus?