Kapil Kulshreshtha

Scintillate Coaching

Founder $ CEO


Kapil is the CEO of Scintillate, a company dedicated to helping people find their way home to their passion and purpose in life and build abundance.

His background is in the IT Services world for 22 years in senior leadership positions, with companies such as Microsoft and Cognizant.

He has been through the fire of initial entrepreneurial disasters, which almost broke the financial back for his family in 2018 and early 2019. His infectious energy, enthusiasm, and heart centric approach has led to several accolades, podcasts, radio talks and a recent TEDx Talk.
In the last 8 months, Kapil has grown into someone who has about 80% sales closure rate (sign up to calls ratio) and he will be sharing best practices, his system and how sales has really become an opportunity to create deep connections.


Sales is the service of highest order


  • Effective Sales
  • Building Relationships
  • Tools & Techniques for Sales